Wednesday, 12 April 2017

I do actually paint some models...

This blog was largely set up as a means of recording my modelling and painting output; something which I've failed to do so far. My collection is somewhat varied and spans GW stuff old and new, D&D related minis (Mierce Miniatures, Red Box Games, Otherworld Miniatures), Gates of Antares, Bolt Action, Wild West (Black Scorpion miniatures), Infinity and Imperial Assault.  I've also dipped my toe deeper into historical gaming and plan to cover WWII North Africa in 15mm, Cold War (also in 15mm) and ancients (probably starting with the Punic Wars).

Anyway, enough waffle - this mini was painted on and off over the course of 18 months, starting in the summer of 2014 when two things happened to me: I wanted to push my painting ability and I also started to rediscover my miniature gaming roots, namely dungeon bashes, primarily D&D and Warhammer Quest.

I'm still trying to sort out decent photography, but it's a start...

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