Saturday, 15 April 2017

Down from the door where it began...

Whilst my painting speed is reasonable, I am only able to dedicate one weekly session to it so I fully intend to eke out my supply of painted minis. I may go back at some point and photograph some of my more recent work, but with an impending house move pretty much everything is boxed up and in the attic.

The next model is probably my least favourite in the D&D adventurers boxed set, something which was was compounded by me spending the most time on it in an effort to make him look half-way decent.


  1. Least favorite? I think he's a great figure, or at least you succeeded in fooling me if he's not. ;)

    1. My comment below was supposed to be a reply - I'm still getting used to Blogger.

  2. Thanks - sorry, I should have qualified that statement - my least favourite from a collection of characterful and quite endearing models :)