Friday, 14 April 2017

The Road goes ever on and on...

The next few posts will cover the D&D Adventurers boxed set that GW released in the 1980s. I had given them away in the 1990s when clearing space, but back in 2014 after a bad case of nostalgia, I decided to scour eBay for them.  I think that I had bought a blister of skeletons before receiving this set from my Nan as a birthday present, however these rank as some of the first models I ever owned. Originally, I lacked the courage to paint them so they remained as bare metal until I gave them away.

I tried to push myself with each model although this meant that it took me the best part of two years to finish them. Without further ado, the fighter with no name...

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  1. A proper adventurer if I ever saw one. Nice armor.