Sunday, 19 March 2017

Ad Infinitum..,

(This post was due to be published in October 2016, but life got in the way).

An old friend contacted me out of the blue and intimated that he'd got back into tabletop war gaming after a nearly 20 year lull (sparked off by the move of WH40k from 2nd to 3rd edition - that, plus buying a new set of books every so often).  The game in question? Infinity.

I happened to mention that I had 32 Haqqislam models in a box awaiting paint and away we went. Me being somewhat precocious about using unpainted models, I couldn't possibly use mine. He very kindly provided models and scenery. The venue? My mum's house.

Twenty years ago we had all-night sessions played on a board laid on my parent's kitchen table. Twenty years later, whilst I was visiting my mum, we had a game of Infinty played on my mum's kitchen table. Aahhh! Sometimes I love the circulatory nature of life - wheels within wheels and all that that...