Friday, 19 August 2016

There's something wrong with our bloody ships...

I went to the flgs last night for a game of Armada and ended up playing my old WH40k nemesis.  He's a good bloke, but always takes tough lists and plays to win. I took an ISD 1, a Victory 1, a GSD 2 and a raider. I also took Howlrunner with two Tie squadrons.  My opponent took two guppies with Ackbar and a tadpole plus numerous squadrons.

The first game I hung back and essentially got bent over the table.  The second game went slightly better, in that I decided just to drive everything down my opponents throat.  I still lost, but I'm going to claim a moral victory because I destroyed Ackbar on his flagship by shooting the nuts off him and then driving over him with my ISD.  My victory was short lived because the other guppy was really nimble and got behind the ISD, destroying it in short order.  I lost everything except the Raider, but gave everything else he had a good mauling.

Not bad for my second and third games of Armada.  I managed to position my GSD in such a way, in both games, that it did nothing.  In hindsight, I think I may trail my GSD behind everything else in order to try and deliver a counter punch once the initial clash is over and the opponent is trying to fly around behind my ships.
Now you see him...

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