Sunday, 21 August 2016

Most moist...

I didn't manage to blog yesterday - I was too knackered, but I did manage to get a bit of modelling done.  I cleaned the mould lines on some more little green guys and started to clean up an MG team for my US infantry.

This morning, whilst waiting for my brother to arrive, I managed to finish the first MG team and complete a second.  My boy's been pestering me to go fishing since catching an eel at a taster day a few weeks ago so, knowing next to sod all about about fishing, I asked my brother for help.  Armed with a 4.99 fishing rod, a bag of bread and three boys aged 6, 4 and 2 we set off into the drizzle.

After 30 minutes we had our first bite and a fierce struggle with a carp during which my brother kindly taught all three children the word 'bastard'.  To be fair, the fish had nibbled that many pieces of bread from the hook that we felt that they were beginning to take the piscine (see what I did there).  The fish were coming so close to the edge of the pond that, in frustration, my brother laid down next to it in an attempt to flick one out (fish that is).  An hour later and the boys were getting a bit distracted, but we were about to witness an epic battle of man vs nature which landed us the little chap below (released safely back into the water).

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