Sunday, 13 September 2020

I aten’t dead...

Despite not having posted for a long time, I still intend to keep this as a running record of my projects.  I may have some catching up to do. 

I’ve played one game of 8th edition WH40k and, to be honest, I was in a state of near permanent bafflement throughout.  I’ll probably pick up the 9th edition rules because I’ve never missed an edition however I doubt I’ll play.  I seem to have wandered away from WH40k. 

Having said that, I still like the universe and have spent the summer cleaning up and building some Sector Mechanicus terrain for Necromunda.  I’ve also made progress on the 2nd edition Eldar army from several posts ago (pictures at some point in the future).

The largest part of my modelling time this year has been spent building scenery for Mordheim.  I’ve even managed to collect some of the lovely Tabletop World stuff.

Right. Where was I? 

The killiest squad...

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